With passion and love, Marizol ignites the mind-body connection within herself and her students. She believes that it is through the power and control of the breath that you can find your inner peace.

Marizol Cabrera Padmasana

Your ego tells you once you have everything you desire, you will be at peace.

Your spirit tells you once you are at peace, you will have everything you desire.

Let go of the ego and align yourself with the spirit.

Marianne Williamson Rendition

“Dance is very like poetry,” said the mother of modern dance, Martha Graham. “It’s like poetic lyricism sometimes…because when you light on a word it strikes to your heart.” And as Marizol floats her leg towards the sky, shining her heart in vashistasana, she is free. She is alive.

In 1994, Marizol Cabrera began a journey that would provide physical and emotional strength for years to come. Yoga quickly became her outlet for continual growth and self-expression; a way to fully and honestly connect with not only herself, but also with the world. However, it wasn’t until she discovered the creative, rhythmic, and dance-like nature of vinyasa flow that her life’s purpose came into focus.

Marizol’s mastery is in the art of the vinyasa flow. From simple to complex, she strategically combines poses to create flows that are intricately fluid and physically challenging. Her emphasis on aligning the body’s movements with the breath is a paramount technique that she instills in her students. “Breath is power,” Marizol says. “And with the breath comes perseverance. With the breath you will find change.”



Marizol is certified through the Yoga Institute and Joy Yoga Center and has taken advance teacher training classes with Jonny Kest, who is one of her favorite teachers and inspirations. She is a Registered Yoga Teacher, R.Y.T., with the Yoga Alliance. She obtained a Trance Dance certification with Shiva Rea. She also broadens her awareness of the body, its muscles and movements through anatomy and kinesiology classes.

In addition to teacher certification courses, Marizol continues her education with workshops and conferences. She has practiced with Anna Forrest, Seane Corn, Bryan Kest, Sharon Gannon and David Life, Dharma Mitra and David Swenson, to name a few.